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Telecom/Datacom Technology


Telecom/Datacom network traffic is continuing to experience rapid growth driven primarily by bandwidth-intensive content, such as digital video, multimedia, music, social networking, video conferencing and HD content.

Service providers are responding to this traffic growth, by seeking scalable, low-cost, bandwidth-enabling solutions. Optical networking has emerged as a key technology to support this increasing need for bandwidth capacity due to their ability to efficiently carry large amounts of data at low cost per bit.  PhotonicsLink products enable the key attributes of Speed, Agility and Access required by service providers for current and next generation optical networks.


PhotonicsLink solutions are compatible with existing network architectures and enable incremental system upgrades, allowing service providers to rapidly scale network capacity and deploy enhanced services to their customers over existing fiber infrastructure.


Product catalogue for these applications


SDH/SONET SFP; Fast Ethernet SFP; GBE SFP; Fiber Channel SFP;Bi-di SFP;Compact SFP, CWDM SFP; DWDM SFP, Copper SFP; SGMII SFP; XFP products; SFP+ products; QSFP products; CFP products and Video SFPs etc.

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