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Model:10G Bidi SFP+




Ø   Point-to-Point FTTX Application


Ø   Other optical links


10G Bidi SFP+ Details

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10G Bi-di SFP optical transceivers






Ø   10.3125Gbps bi-directional data links

Ø   Up to 10km point-point transmission with 9/125 µm SMF

Ø   Support 10G Ethernet, CPRI and Fiber Channel application

Ø   1270nm DFB Tx/1330nm PIN Rx for PLB-TG10-2733DC (I)

Ø   1330nm DFB Tx/1270nm PIN Rx for PLB-TG10-3327DC (I)

Ø   SFI high speed electrical interface

Ø   2-wire interface with integrated Digital Diagnostic monitoring

Ø   Class I laser product

Ø   SFP+ MSA package

Ø   Simplex LC Connector, Bi-directional

Ø   Single 3.3V power supply

Ø   Power consumption less than 1.0 W

Ø   Operating case temperature:

 Standard: -5 to +70°C

Industrial: -40 to +85°C


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